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Travel new ocean frontiers with CADIE

CADIE – an unearthly new intelligence

Seems that Cadie is a great way to push a new release of Google earth with some great features to explore the oceans bottoms.  This could be a great leap in education for children on what the ocean environments look like.  I’m guessing they just strapped the same device on a submarine they use for Google street view and had them roam the entire ocean floor for the last few years.  What do you think.

Cadie Submarine

Cadie Submarine


The new CADIE-powered Google Earth enables you to:
  See ocean terrain imagery from the world’s most advanced sub
  Be among the first human entities to explore the deep sea
  Track and chat: soar with CADIE in real time
  CADIE’s recommended summer vacation

When CADIE’s pathways were rerouted so that her actions and the changes happening in her networks were “visible” to her, she responded immediately with such a level of activity that we had to scale down our production servers to keep things running until we (more or less) regained control. CADIE now is, in essence, just another Google employee, albeit a particularly prized one. She has been given her own 20% time (which in CPU terms is probably about the sum of all CPU cycles in the world for a month) and begun work straightaway on twin projects that she has dubbed “Project Y” (for the two paths in the letter Y), the first to devise the protocols to culture neuronic stem cells from whose cultures a subcontracted lab will try to fabricate self-replicating substrates capable of storing agent patterns, and the second to grow a crystalline lattice which would form an Einstein-Bose condensate at room temperatures in order to build a new type of processing unit. While seemingly unrelated, the two projects share a common goal: to drastically reduce the power needed to run CADIE’s circuits and give her a chance to travel beyond the solar system. The organic pathway, as she told us, was a biological homage to her creators; the crystalline pathway is where she believes her future lies.